Celtrius Studios Logo

Who I am

Hello! My name is Celtrius and I’m the owner of Celtrius Studios, a small indie game studio from Germany. This rather unofficial company is entirely led by me.  I currently don’t work with other people. The purpose of this website is to present my projects as well as help people with problems concerning any of my work

My Coding Journey

My coding journey started on the platform scratch, which a good friend of mine introduced me to in summer 2015. At the time, I was only around 10 years old. Soon I developed an interest in coding in general and made several projects over the next few years.

In 2017, I started taking an interest in app development and came across the unity game engine, which I knew from several popular mobile games at the time. I used YouTube tutorials to teach myself about the engine and game development in general. After around a year, I was able to write intermediate C# scripts and started planning out bigger projects (of which most of them never saw the light of day).

One of the earliest influences was the Youtuber Breckeys who created amazing tutorials on the unity game engine. His videos allowed me to learn to code in a fun and simple way. Furthermore, they introduced me to the “English Language of Coding”, which I was definitely lacking at the time. (What I mean with this is, that I learned words like “function”, “array”, “method” etc.)

As mentioned before 2018 was the year I started working on bigger projects. Instead of trying to get a basic understanding of most aspects, I now searched for more information on the go when I came across a problem I couldn’t solve. Of course, this included websites like Stack Overflow and Quora.

This is still the way I work to this day.

Other Abilities

As mentioned above, I mostly work alone on projects (This isn’t really a choice tho. The friend who introduced me to scratch never made the jump to actual coding and still does projects in the visual scratch coding language to this day lmao. Also there isn’t a single friend of mine who also was a programmer).

This led to me having to learn several other skills in order to carry out the proejcts I planned.

Heres a short list of the skills I learned in my 5 years of coding apart from coding languages.


UI Design

Since there was nobody else to do it, I alway had to design my own UI for every project I work on

  • Ingame Overlays like Inventories and Hotbars
  • Ingame Menus
  • Game Launcher UI
  • I work mostly with shaders that can be upscaled to any resolution since it keeps the file size down and doesn’t have the problems with blurriness in high resolutions

Note: I’m probably a bit over enthusiastic when it comes to design. Yes I know function is most of the time more important. But like they always say:

“Das Auge isst mit!”

Translation: “The eye eats too!”

3D Modeling

I started actively learning 3D modeling in blender around 2019. The start was rather easy for me since I already had experience in the program. I had used it around 2016 when I downloaded some blender minecraft intros for my YouTube channel lol. Please note tho, I certainly wouldn’t call myself an expert when it comes to blender. Apart from basic modeling and sculpting for my unity projects, I never actually used it for VFX or rendering of any kind.

The pictures you see below are a mix of tutorials I followed as well as some own things.

3D Texturing

Giving my models a texture was the next big step for my game development journey. In the beginning, I worked mostly with low poly assets that only needed a single color. Over the time, I then started to use external textures as materials in blender. The Azure Skies Projects then forced me to start working on textures with high detail. I made the jump to Substance Painter and Designer which I still use to this day.

Since I always had an interest in cartoons and anime. I decided to make stylized art my go-to art style. 


Learning music wasn’t really a thing I did for the purpose of game development. I have been playing piano since the age of 6. Over the course of 7 years I managed to get a basic understanding on most of music theory and was able to learn and play most piano scores. In 2019 I made the jump to the digital world of music. I switched my piano teacher and started working on projects in Fl-Studio. My new teacher has mastered jazz in particular and also knews a lot of stuff about orchestrations. Note tho that while I have been playing piano for over 10 years at this point Im still probably not able to make