Who I am

Who I am

Hey! Im Philip also known as “Celtrius” on the Internet. This is my own personal small website! This is the place where I can talk a little bit about my self. 

Im currently X years old (guess my age haha) and I live in germany near cologne! I like to code and play videogames in my freetime. I actually first was introduced to programming with the age of 10 on the website “https://scratch.mit.edu/”. My old profile is still up there and can be visited! (Name: Phili38). 

-=*=- Profile -=*=-

Gender: Male
Age: 16
Height: ~1.90 m
~ From Germany North Rhine-Westphalia

How I got into coding

As I mentioned above, my coding journey started on the website “scractch”. But early on realised that scratch was at most made to create 2d games on the internet. But I wanted to get bigger: Into the third dimension! This is why I switched to Unity, which im still using up to this date!

My coding skills

Over the years I developed some neat skills which you can see here: